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  • 7th September
  • 07

National Underwear Day!

National Underwear Day is celebrated on August 5th :D

After informing my little friend that it was National Underwear Day, he insisted that we had to spend it together and we had to wear our best undies. I couldn’t refuse that. However, since we were home for the summer neither of us had an empty house so we decided to spend this holiday on a playground in the woods. We met up later at night so that we could smoke and chill without any distractions. After making the trek to the play ground he informed me that we must smoke in our underwear. 

After getting down to our underwear, we packed a bowl and began to smoke. He was wearing boxer briefs, my favorite; I was in a thong, his favorite. After we were finished, he asked me if I could give him a lap dance. It was not the right setting for that and I didn’t want to so I just slipped my hand under his briefs and started to feel around. He forgot about that lap dance pretty quickly. He turned me around so I was on my hands and knees facing away from him so he could scope out the underwear I had chosen for this oh so lovely holiday. I’m always eager to show him what I am wearing underneath my clothes; he is constantly telling me how much he likes my choice in undergarments.

After a bit of this, we began to 69. I cannot express how hot it was doing this outside. The cool summer breeze felt wonderful on our sweating skin. 69 is perhaps the funnest position. I love having a dick in my mouth and him eating me out at the same time just makes it that much more amazing. After a bit of that, i was turned around with my ass in the air and I waited for him to plunge into my hole. We didn’t have protection so it was strictly anal for this encounter. He slowly eased himself into me, slow at first, then his rhythm picked up and he was soon pounding my tight little hole. The forest was filled with our moans; any one could have walked by and that, alone, was extraordinarily thrilling. He was fucking me so hard and good that doggystyle eventually turned into me laying completely flat and him draped over me. 

After he came, we just laid there for a bit and basked in the glories of just fucking outside. I got killer bruises from this encounter and they were, quite possibly, the greatest bruises I’ve ever received. Everyone celebrate this holiday, I swear its my new favorite. 

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